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Bentley Mills Brightens Factory and Cuts Utility Bills Through Efficiency-As-A-Service

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Case Study: Redaptive upgraded a textile manufacturing plant with LED lighting, Air Compressors, and water saving measures.


  • Bentley Mills, California's largest carpet design and manufacturing company, is centered on sustainability, demonstrating a history of incorporating environmentally conscious initiatives into their operations. As reflected in their Cradle-to-Cradle™ certification process, the company's product development focuses on product safety and the environment. Like many companies, the facility managers were looking for ways to enhance the sustainability and performance of their operations and sought out innovative financing opportunities.


  • Bentley Mills partnered with Redaptive to upgrade its corporate office and manufacturing facility with technical upgrades including LED lighting retrofits, air handling improvements, and water conservation measures.
  • Redaptive conducted a comprehensive audit and evaluated a number of partners and technology vendors to deliver a full, turnkey project that required no upfront capital and generated savings immediately after the installation was complete. The Efficiency-as-a-Service program included all the equipment, design, procurement, installation, and utility incentive administration.


  • The manufacturing facility is expecting a 40% reduction across the retrofitted technologies. By reducing energy consumption by 1.64 kWh, the facility will avoid more than 1,160 metric tons of CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere -the equivalent of taking 246 cars off the road each year.


  • Required Zero Upfront Capital
  • Savings Began Accumulating on Day One
  • Annual Energy Savings: 1.64M kWh
  • Annual Gas Savings: 19,019 Therms
  • Annual Water Savings: 2.32M Gallons
  • Utility Rebates: $1.3M
  • Annual Gross Utility Savings: $270K
  • Projected Net 10-Yr Savings: $1.07M
  • Annual Emissions Saved: 1,160 mt. of CO2
A look inside Bentley Mills warehouse
Another look inside Bentley Mills warehouse