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Energy Efficiency Upgrades Lead to Lower Emissions and Enhanced Work Environment

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Objective: Optimize facilities for better employee experience, improved productivity, cost savings, and reduced emissions.


  • A global leader in healthcare, McKesson has hundreds of facilities in its real estate portfolio. Lighting is one of the largest consumers of energy in the company's buildings. In McKesson's distribution centers, lighting accounts for up to 40% of the total electricity consumption.
  • McKesson's corporate real estate team partnered with Redaptive to develop and implement a strategic plan to upgrade key facilities with interior and exterior LED lighting and HVAC controls. Their goals were to drive energy savings, reduce the company's carbon footprint, while enhancing the employees' work environment and productivity.
  • The Redaptive program resulted in a 24% annual reduction in electricity use. By cutting electricity consumption, McKesson expects to reduce annual CO2 emissions by 8.1K metric tons. This equates to removing 1,719 cars off the road, or the electricity used each year in 1,371 homes.


  • Portfolio Footprint: 26 Sites, 5.65 million ft.2
  • Anticipated Annual Energy Savings: 19.1M kWh
  • Year 1 Net Savings: $800K
  • Projected Annual CO2 Emissions Reduction: 8,096 mt
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McKesson Redaptive Savings Metrics

"Accelerating energy efficiency upgrades has been integral to the success of McKesson's energy management program as we work to reduce our company's carbon footprint and enhance our employees' working environment."

- Perry Guinn, VP & GM McKesson Global Real Estate