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Hospital Network Will Save $20M On Energy Expenses Through Redaptive Efficiency Upgrade Program

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Case Study: Redaptive upgrades LED lighting along with select alternative energy conservation projects to unlock savings.


  • The average hospital energy spend exceeds the per-building energy costs of other building types by a factor of ten according to GreenTech Media. On top of that this hospital network faced an aging central plant boiler and chiller system at one of their locations with increasing risks of failure and noncompliance, along with inefficient lighting fixtures, which were costing them more than they should on their energy bill.


  • By partnering with Redaptive, the hospital upgraded LED lighting, insulation, and other HVAC equipment at 24 buildings, at no upfront cost, and will benefit from immediate savings exceeding two million dollars in the first year, and more than twenty million dollars over the term of the contract.


  • Each hospital will experience an estimated 62% reduction in lighting costs, and retain 15% of the savings for the first 5.5 years and 100% of the savings thereafter.
  • A number of hospitals have upgraded insulation and additional building systems, including boilers and chillers, through the same program.


  • Portfolio Footprint: 24 Sites
  • Lighting Fixtures Upgraded: ~63,000
  • Annual Energy Savings: 151M kWh
  • Insulation and Boiler/Chiller Savings: 593K Therms
  • $800,000 In Rebates Administered
  • Annual Energy Savings: $2.02M
  • Projected Net 10-Yr Savings: $20M+

4 Month LED Rollout at 15 Hospitals

Redaptive 4 Month LED Rollout at 15 Hospitals

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Hospital Building
Hospital Building