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Non-Profit Health Provider Cuts Utility Bills Through LED Lighting Efficiency-As-A-Service Project

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Case Study: Redaptive upgraded a series of hospitals with new LED lighting, significantly reducing their energy and maintenance expenses.


  • Energy reduction is a high priority for hospitals due to their 24x7 operations and high energy spend. In fact, according to EIA the average hospital energy spend exceeds the per-building energy costs of other building types by a factor of ten. This non-profit health provider had identified energy saving opportunities across their Washington state hospitals but did not have the capital to fund these projects due to competing demands on a limited budget.


  • Redaptive presented a program that would upgrade 2M ft.2 across 4 sites with LED lighting without tapping into their budget.
  • Redaptive's Efficiency-as-a-Service program includes the audit, installation, and ongoing maintenance, relieving the local facilities team from the burden of managing vendors, utility rebates and future repairs.


  • The non-profit health provider is expected to see energy savings of 6% across their facilities - this is equivalent to nearly $5,000 in revenue per hospital bed. Additionally reducing energy consumption by 2,37M kWh annually, the facility will avoid more than 1,676 metric tons of CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere -the equivalent of taking 362 cars off the road each year.


  • Footprint Upgraded: 4 sites, 2M ft.2
  • Fixtures Upgraded: 12.7K
  • Annual Energy Savings: 2.37M kWh
  • Projected Net 10-Yr Savings: $3.2M
  • Annual Carbon Reduction: 1,676 mt. of CO2


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  • Several of the non-profit hospital network's facilities are participating in steam studies and may move forward with a full steam system overhaul.
  • Additionally, a few of their buildings are being evaluated for retrocommissioning projects.
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