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Oil & Gas Services Company Saves $4M On Energy And Cuts Carbon With Efficiency-As-A-Service

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Case Study: Leading oil & gas service company deployed a portfolio-wide energy efficiency program to reduce carbon emissions as part of a Net-Zero Plan.


  • This oil and gas services company provides integrated oilfield products (deepwater drilling equipment, drill fluids, flexible pipes etc.), services, and digital solutions worldwide. They have a strong commitment to reducing their emissions and are on a path to achieve a 50% reduction in CO2 equivalent emissions by 2030 and net zero CO2 equivalent emissions by 2050.


  • Their sustainability team partnered with Redaptive to identify energy reduction opportunities and quickly begin deploying projects to maximize savings and carbon reductions. Redaptive began auditing and installing LED lighting at a number of high priority sites as additional audits and engineering studies are being conducted across the portfolio for HVAC retrofits.
  • By working with Redaptive, this oil services company was able to leverage Redaptive's innovative Efficiency-as-a-Service program, which allowed them to kick-start their efficiency program without relying on their capital budget. Redaptive covers all upfront costs and ensures savings and project performance.


  • The LED installations cut lighting expenses by 61% and will also remove the burden of ongoing maintenance, providing and additional 95% reduction in maintenance, repair and operating (MRO) expenses. Additionally, annual energy reductions of 6.6M kWh annually, will avoid the release of 4,675 mt. of CO2 from entering the atmosphere. That is equivalent to taking 1,010 cars off the road each year.


  • Footprint Upgraded: 9 sites, 2.2M ft.2
  • Fixtures Upgraded: 18.3K
  • Annual Energy Savings: 6.6M kWh
  • Projected Net 10-Yr Savings: $4M
  • Annual Carbon Reduction: 4,675 mt. of CO2


Redaptive savings metrics


  • With the first wave of sites near completion, the company is evaluating expanding to 23 more lighting sites and 5 sites for HVAC optimization.