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Redaptive Efficiency-As-A-Service program reduces operational costs by $30M for industrial laundry F200 customer

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Case Study: Work around industrial equipment and constrained access times to upgrade LED lighting and deliver significant savings to the company's bottom-line.


  • With hundreds of sites across the country, this Industrial Laundry customer looked to pragmatically reduce energy expenses and address deferred maintenance throughout its real estate portfolio.
  • Long operating hours, high ceilings, and heavy industrial equipment make site-level maintenance difficult.
  • Ad hoc management and procurement of replacement parts added significant expense across the company.


  • Redaptive's Efficiency-as-a-Service (EaaS) program enabled the customer to streamline facility upgrades across their portfolio into one simple contract and generate immediate savings. During the first phase of the program, Redaptive covered all of the audit, design, installation, and program management costs for the LED upgrades.
  • The lighting upgrade had no impact on the customer's capital budget, and all energy savings are verified by equipment level measurement devices.


  • The Redaptive program resulted in a 67% reduction in lighting costs and improved compliance with lighting level building codes.
  • With 58 sites completed and 180 under contract, the Redaptive team is now ramping up to conduct HVAC and water conservation upgrades and expand the EaaS program.


  • Capital Savings: $14M
  • Fixtures Upgraded: 76K+
  • Portfolio Footprint: 180 Sites
  • Annual Energy Savings: 25M kWh
  • Annual Net Operating Savings: $650K
  • Projected Net 10-Yr Savings: $30M
  • Annual Emissions Saved: 18.6K mt. of CO2


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"The lighting project you are doing is outstanding. Everyone is so easy to work with and very efficient in their work. The LEDs are making this building a whole new place to work."

- Nashville, TN Site Manager

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