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Redaptive efficiency upgrades boost sustainability and reduce costs at Trinchero Family Estate's wineries

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Case Study: Upgrade multiple processing and storage facilities with LED lighting.


  • Wineries are energy and water-intensive businesses, in fact, the wine industry is the largest energy user among food industries in California. With some of the highest electricity prices in the country, it is no surprise that one of the state's largest wineries, Trinchero Family Estates, would be interested in energy efficiency.


  • Redaptive worked with the team at Trinchero to evaluate energy savings opportunities across 5 of its Northern California facilities. Lighting was identified as one of the first opportunities, upgrading to LEDs would not only reduce electricity consumption significantly but could also reduce cooling load for the refrigerated spaces.
  • Redaptive delivered a fully funded upgrade project without requiring any upfront capital and set an ambitious timeline to complete all installations around critical crush production schedules.


  • Redaptive's Efficiency-as-a-Service program upgraded the facilities in Napa, American Canyon, St. Helena, and Lodi with LED lighting. All of the equipment, labor, installation costs and utility rebate administration were covered upfront and the winery will pay Redaptive with a portion of the utility savings each month based on actual kWh savings. The savings are tracked by equipment level sub-metering and accessible through Redaptive's Energy Dashboard.
  • By generating energy savings and removing the capital budget hurdle, the facilities team has been able to work on other energy initiatives and focus on what they do best - making world-renowned wine.


  • Project Footprint: 6 Sites, 1.4M ft.2
  • Fixtures Upgraded: 5.3K
  • Annual Energy Savings: 3.2M kWh
  • 10 Yr. Net Energy Savings: $5M
  • Annual Emissions Saved: 10K mt. of CO2
Winery Warehouse
Winery Warehouse
Winery Warehouse