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Redaptive Retrofits 25 Pharma Sites With New LED Lighting Significantly Reducing Energy Bills

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Case Study: Rapidly roll-out LED lighting upgrades across labs in the U.S. and Europe.


  • This pharmaceutical company had ambitious carbon reduction goals and was looking to enhance lighting in their laboratories. With competing resources for internal capital, it was difficult to prioritize facility upgrades over core business initiatives.


  • Redaptive developed and executed a comprehensive plan to upgrade key pharmaceutical lab facilities with energy efficient LED lighting across multiple locations, driving energy and operational savings across their global portfolio without requiring internal capital.
  • The customer's team leveraged Redaptive's vendor management services and turnkey execution model for projects across 25 sites in Illinois, California, Ireland, and Germany.


  • The Redaptive program resulted in a significant reduction in lighting costs. The reduced electricity consumption will avoid 8,037 metric tons of CO2 emissions each year, the equivalent to removing 1,706 cars off the road or the emissions from 961 homes each year.


  • Portfolio Footprint: 25 Sites, 4.6 million ft.2
  • Annual Energy Savings: 11.4 million kWh
  • Annual Gross Energy Savings: $1.09 million
  • Projected Net 10-Yr Savings: $10.9 million
  • Annual Emissions Savings: 8,037 mt of CO2
Inside a medical lab
Inside a medical lab
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