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Redaptive upgrades 7 concrete manufacturer's facilities to LED technology, reducing energy consumption up to 71%

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Case Study: Install LED lighting for concrete manufacturer portfolio to reduce energy costs, improve safety, and increase productivity.


  • Energy costs in the cement industry are historically high often accounting for up to 20% to 40% of operational costs overall. This leaves significant room for improvement in the energy efficiency space and untapped savings for companies.


  • Redaptive assisted this manufacturer in the implementation of LED lighting retrofits across multiple locations, driving energy and utility bill savings across their portfolio of sites.
  • The manufacturer team took advantage of Redaptive's vendor management services and turnkey execution model for lighting projects across 7 sites in multiple states including: Indiana, California, New Jersey, Georgia, and Florida.


  • The Redaptive program resulted in significant lighting cost savings, dramatically increased light levels, improved working conditions, and the elimination of burnouts in a number of locations. At the manufacturer's flagship location lighting improvements will also benefit external training sessions and vendor and customer visits.
  • The lowered electricity consumption will help the manufacturer avoid approximately 1,815 metric tons of CO2 emissions each year, the equivalent to removing 385 cars off the road or the emissions from 217 homes each year.


  • Portfolio Footprint: 7 Sites, 1.1M ft.2
  • Annual Energy Savings: 2.57M kWh
  • Annual Net Savings Year 1: $65,871
  • Projected Net 10-Yr Savings: $2.08M
  • Annual Emissions Saved: 1,815 mt. of CO2
Concrete manufacturing facility
Concrete manufacturing facility
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