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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact Redaptive with additional questions?

Please contact us at Our office phone number is (415) 413-0445.

Where are you located?

We are headquartered in San Francisco, CA, with regional locations in Dallas, TX and Boston, MA. We perform efficiency upgrades wherever our customers' facilities are, in the US and internationally.

Working with Redaptive

Will I have a dedicated point of contact with Redaptive?

Yes, every customer account is managed by dedicated sales, project and customer support teams so you always know who to call with questions.

Redaptive’s Approach to Retrofits

Do I have the option to choose which technology and brands are included in the retrofit?

Yes. Redaptive doesn’t have any exclusive brands. We’ll work with our customers to figure out the best technology solution for their needs.

Can Redaptive work with the installation companies I already have relationships with?

Yes. Redaptive has relationships with large national installation and distribution partners and enjoys volume pricing across its broad portfolio of projects from those relationships. However, we are always happy to engage your preferred vendors for labor or materials based on customer preference.

Payments and Contracts

Is there any upfront cost?

No. Redaptive pays for energy audits, material, labor and any other costs associated with the retrofit with its own money.

What’s my monthly payment?

Redaptive charges for each unit of energy or other utility (e.g. kWh) our retrofit saves you. There are no other charges or fees. The saved utility rate we charge is set to be below your current utility rate, so that your total payments (to us and to your utility company) are always less than they were before the retrofit.

How do I know how much I’ve saved?

Redaptive bills for utility savings using a customized measurement and verification protocol for your efficiency upgrade.  You always have online access to all of your savings performance data.

How does Redaptive make money?

Redaptive makes money by sharing in the savings generated by the efficiency upgrades we install. There are no other charges or fees.

What is Commercial Energy Efficiency Financing?

Commercial energy efficiency financing describes the various funding mechanisms for projects that seek to improve the efficient operation of commercial, i.e. non-residential, buildings. Redaptive offers a number of financing and capital solutions for our clients seeking commercial energy efficiency financing including an Efficiency-as-a-Service (EaaS) model. Through EaaS services, Redaptive will pay for the energy audits, material, labor, and any other costs associated with the retrofit, so our customers pay zero upfront costs. The savings generated from the retrofits pay for the upgrade over time, however, it should be noted that our model is flexible and can work with EaaS, C-PACE, CapEx, capital contribution, and lease options as well. Learn more about Redaptive's commercial energy efficiency financing options.

Facility / Corporate Changes

We lease our facility and might move before the end of any contract with Redaptive. Are we still eligible?

Yes, leased facilities are eligible for Redaptive’s program. We can work with you to ensure our service term is co-terminus with your lease term. We also have other flexible termination options should you need to vacate a building early whether it’s an early lease termination or unexpected sale.

Relationship With Utility Company

Do I still have to pay my utility company?

Yes. Redaptive’s retrofit will reduce your consumption and what you pay your utility, but we don’t take over the utility bill or provide electricity. The amount you pay the utility company plus the amount you pay Redaptive will be less than what you pay the utility company now.

Can I take advantage of utility rebates with your program?

Yes. Typically, Redaptive collects utility rebates and passes them through to the customer in the form of a higher percentage of the savings generated. We’re also flexible about rebate collection and work with our customers to figure out the structure that works.