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Big savings and benefits packaged into a simple, flexible, risk-free program. No more excuses to making your portfolio-wide lighting upgrade a reality.

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How It Works

Our program is completely flexible and can be customized to meet your organization’s needs. First, we work with you to develop the right strategic roll out, be it one site to start or the whole portfolio. Any sites included in the proposal will be fully audited to determine the existing conditions. In this phase we will also gather your specific efficiency expectations and needs, site by site, to ensure that we deliver an upgrade program tailored to your needs.

Once we have all the project information, our technology experts work with you to optimize the design. Because we only make money when you save and we are on the hook for maintenance during the term, you can be assured we will have the same goal as you: The best design to meet your operating and aesthetic expectations with the lowest ongoing operation and maintenance cost.

Once you have signed off on the efficiency upgrade proposal, our experienced national installation teams will plan, procure and install all the efficiency and system metering equipment for your project. Redaptive’s strong materials purchasing power and national installer relationships ensure that material procurement and labor costs will be as low as possible while meeting the design objectives and all quality and performance standards.

Once the project is completed we will review the installation with your designated on-site representative to ensure we have met all expectations for the efficiency upgrade. Once you are completely satisfied, you will sign a letter of acceptance for the project. By this point you still have not paid Redaptive anything and this important step ensures that you will never have to unless we have delivered exactly the project you expected. This way our mutual interest in rolling out fast, successful efficiency upgrade projects will be perfectly aligned.

Following your official acceptance of the project, the resultant energy savings will be measured by our dedicated system meters that were installed during the upgrade project. These meters precisely measure the energy or other resource saved by the new efficiency system with the same accuracy as the utility meters on your building. You will also have direct online access to your savings data, ensuring you get a perfectly clear and transparent view of the energy saved each month. This ongoing measurement is what we use to bill you on a monthly basis for savings in the same way that your utility bills you for energy consumed.

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How You Benefit

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Operating Savings Without Needing Capital

With our unique service program you never spend any capital dollars. The monthly service payment you make for saved energy is treated exactly the same way as a utility bill and can be classified as an operating expense. And because we always ensure that what you pay us per kilowatt hour of saved energy will be less than what you pay your utility per kilowatt hour of consumed energy, every kilowatt hour that you save means instant operating savings. Save your capital dollars for programs core to your business and let us deliver free and instant operating savings through our Efficiency-as-a-Service program.

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Meet Sustainability Goals

You may have already decided that an efficiency upgrade, like a conversion to LED lighting, would be a great way to cut energy use but it could take 6-12 months or more to even get access to capital dollars - if they are available. And where would all the technical expertise and project management resources come from for a portfolio wide technology upgrade? With Redaptive’s turnkey service program we provide all the resources to design and execute the project and, best of all, you can avoid the slow and uncertain capital budgeting process and meet your sustainability goals faster than ever. Our program allows you to do the right thing for your company, your facilities and your planet with no compromises.

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Pay Only When You Save

With a traditional CapEx funded efficiency retrofit you have to invest significant time, resources and money before ever seeing a penny of savings. And if after all that effort and expense something went wrong and the savings aren’t there you can be left holding the bag. Redaptive’s innovative Efficiency-as-a-Service program is structured so you never pay a dime unless we deliver isolated, metered energy savings. Even after the project is completed you only pay us when the efficiency upgrades generate savings and our program is structured so that you retain a portion of the savings of every kilowatt hour we bill you for. This approach ensures that when it comes to delivering measured and verified energy savings, our interests are always perfectly aligned with yours so you will never be left holding the bag.

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Transfer Risk and Responsibility

A portfolio wide efficiency upgrade program will deliver huge benefits to your organization but designing and executing such a program is a daunting, time consuming task with significant risks. With Redaptive’s technology specific upgrade programs, whether you opt for our Efficiency-as-a-Service option or choose to use your own capital, we take care of all the project design and execution. Importantly, we also take on all project cost overrun risk, rebate collection risk, technology performance risk and ongoing maintenance risk so you don’t have to. All you have to do is tell us where and how quickly you want efficiency upgrades to be rolled out across your building portfolio and we take care of the rest so you can focus on your core business drivers.

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Transparent Measurement Makes Uncertain Savings Certain

One of the biggest unknowns in any efficiency project is whether you are getting the savings you expected once the upgrade is complete. At Redaptive we take that concern very seriously so we have developed a metering platform to isolate and accurately measure the savings of every efficiency system upgrade we install.  For electricity savings, state of the art circuit meters can quickly be installed on all of your individual electrical circuits without disrupting your normal business operations.  These smart meters measure energy savings from our efficiency upgrades with the same accuracy as your building’s utility meter.  Our meters remain installed for the entire contract term and you always have full access to all of your energy savings data via our online energy dashboard.  A similar metering approach is also taken with other utilities, like gas or water, to isolate and measure the exact savings achieved.  With enterprise wide visibility you can always see exactly what you are saving across the whole portfolio all the way down to the individual electrical circuit.

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Improve Your Buildings

Effectively managing the lighting, climate and water in your buildings is key to delivering a healthy, productive and satisfying experience to both your customers and employees. But keeping up with technology advancements, ongoing maintenance and increasingly restrictive regulatory requirements can be a daunting task, especially across a large portfolio of buildings. With Redaptive’s full service, turn-key efficiency upgrade program we can improve your buildings to the latest technology and bring your entire portfolio up to code and to a uniform equipment spec. We even include full maintenance and upgrade services with the program so you never have to worry about changing a light bulb or upgrading your other building systems again.