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Energy Savings Redefined

In the past, implementing portfolio-wide efficiency upgrades that include energy, HVAC, LED Lighting, and more would have taken significant resources and involved a lengthy and uncertain capital budgeting process, making it difficult to deploy despite compelling benefits. With Redaptive’s flexible Efficiency-as-a-Service program, we manage all aspects of your building upgrade, cover all costs, and we only bill you for actual metered savings after project completion.

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$2.95 per SQ FT
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1.1B kWh
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778K Metric Tons of CO2
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Energy & Utility Savings Program

No Investment, Immediate Energy & Utility Savings

Redaptive’s Efficiency-as-a-Service and C-PACE solutions don't require capital investment and result in immediate savings, meaning your ROI and payback hurdles are met on day one.

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Energy, HVAC, LED Lighting Upgrade Partnership

Risk Transfer

We not only manage the whole efficiency upgrade program that includes energy, HVAC, LED Lighting, and more upgrades from start to finish, we also take on all project execution, rebate collection and technology performance risks, even full term maintenance costs. With our Efficiency-as-a-Service program we manage the risks so you don’t have to.

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Verified Savings with Redaptive's Efficiency-as-a-Service Solution

Verified Savings

Accurately and cost effectively measuring energy savings from an efficiency upgrade can be a complex challenge. Redaptive’s broadly deployed and comprehensive equipment level metering solution makes uncertain savings, certain.

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Why Redaptive?


What makes our Efficiency-as-a-Service program unlike any other is that Redaptive makes the investment in your facilities, takes on all project execution and technology performance risk and covers maintenance costs. We know that every company is unique so our approach is customizable to fit your organization’s structure and specific strategic objectives.

Once we have designed and installed efficiency upgrades including energy, HVAC, LED Lighting and more, you only pay for actual metered savings at a level that ensures you see immediate operating savings on day one. Our proven success is driven by a national network of experienced installers, broad purchasing power and technical expertise that delivers industry-leading efficiency design, pricing and execution.

Redaptive Customer Testimonials

Our Customer Success Speaks for Itself


Redaptive’s partnership with this F50 telecommunications company resulted in upgrades across more than 500 sites in 31 states generating annual savings of over $20 million.

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Industrial Uniform Company Cuts Energy Costs and C02 with LEDs

Redaptive designed a portfolio-wide roll-out for LED lighting upgrades, resulting in an expected $14 million reduction in electricity consumption from lighting across hundreds of sites.

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Bentley Mills Cuts Costs Out of Carpet Manufacturing

Redaptive’s EaaS retrofit of the Bentley Mills corporate office and manufacturing facility will save 1.64 million kWh, 19,019 therms and 2.3 million gallons of water – generating over $1 million in utility cost savings.

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