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Redefining Efficiency Upgrades

In an evolving marketplace, businesses need to capitalize on cost savings and other benefits of energy efficiency technologies. However, wide scale deployment of these technologies is frequently delayed due to prohibitive budget cycles, lack of in-house resources and low risk tolerance.

Redaptive's proven and innovative saved energy service removes these barriers and empowers organizations to accelerate efficiency upgrades across their global real estate portfolios.

We Win When You Save

We Win When You Save

Redaptive was born out of the idea that we could build a program that perfectly aligns our interests with those of our customers and at the same time removes all barriers to adoption of portfolio wide efficiency upgrades. This singular focus allowed us to develop a program through which our customers can avoid the long and uncertain capital budgeting process while also letting Redaptive take on the risks and responsibilities of portfolio wide efficiency upgrades.

Providing funding, execution and technology expertise is just the beginning.  Our metering platform enables ongoing savings and clear and transparent program results.   We win when you save.

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Redaptive Team

Redaptive's creative team of business and technology experts is at the core of our success in delivering a groundbreaking platform to accelerate energy efficiency adoption.  See who helps make our vision a reality.

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