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The benefits of our solution are varied and appeal to enterprise customers across industries. The key to our customers’ success is our commitment to finding the solution that works. We take on the risk, we manage the project, we measure the performance and we always act in our customers’ best interests. Learn how our customers save millions on their energy bills.

Fortune 50 Telecom Company Boosts Energy Savings Across its Network of Facilities

Redaptive’s partnership with a national wireless telecom upgraded more than 500 sites across 31 states to generate produced annualized savings of over $23 million.

Our program is designed to bring rapid efficiency on a global scale. Redaptive is saving a major telecommunications company $23 million a year through LED lighting and controls projects. Completed over the course of three years, Redaptive has to date converted more than 30 million square feet of real estate and reduced their lighting energy consumption by over 80%. 

Industrial Uniform Company Cuts Energy Costs and Carbon Emissions with LED Upgrades

Redaptive designed a portfolio-wide roll-out for LED lighting upgrades, resulting in an expected $14 million reduction in electricity consumption from lighting across hundreds of sites.

Redaptive’s program started with a pilot LED conversion to demonstrate how the program works and customize a strategic national rollout program to meet our customer’s corporate objectives. A large portfolio-wide conversion upgrade is currently underway, delivering an expected $14 million operational savings. 

Savings Soar on Naval Base

Redaptive’s two-week retrofit of this 102,000 ft2 facility on Naval Air Station Pensacola, along with its real time energy monitoring platform has combined to drop energy used for lighting by 54%.

The backbone of Redaptive’s model is our ability to monitor granular consumption patterns at our customers’ facilities. In addition to the 54 percent savings generated from an LED lighting retrofit our customer gained an unparalleled perspective into their energy use, allowing them to identify and capitalize on new savings opportunities. Consumption monitoring allows us to measure and verify the savings that result from our projects, but also provides valuable data to our customers, allowing for predictive maintenance, fault detection, and a detailed perspective on energy use.