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We transform the way buildings consume resources, making them better for people, the planet, and the bottom-line.

It takes a special group of people to come together and make an innovative efficiency-as-a-service platform like Redaptive's a reality. We are creative thinkers from a variety of backgrounds including finance, construction, development, research, engineering and data science to name a few. What ties us together is a shared vision of removing the barriers to adoption of energy efficiency technologies and building retrofits in the US and Globally while operating with transparency, integrity and good dose of fun. Meet the team below!

Arvin Vohra Headshot
Arvin Vohra
John Rhow Headshot
John Rhow
Executive Chairman/President
Ricky Singh Headshot
Ricky Singh
CEO, International Electron
Matt Gembrin Headshot
Matt Gembrin
Ron Westhauser Headshot
Ron Westhauser
COO, International Electron
Chris Brophy Headshot
Chris Brophy
Exec, General Counsel
Joel Ullmann Headshot
Joel Ullmann
Exec, Strategic Projects
John Schinter Headshot
John Schinter
Exec, Strategic Accounts
Ryan Martineau Headshot
Ryan Martineau
Exec, Sales
Steve Farber Headshot
Steve Farber
Exec, Corporate Development
Ian Larson Headshot
Ian Larson
Exec, Construction
Pete Shimkus Headshot
Pete Shimkus
Exec, Commercial Solutions
Ro Carbone Headshot
Ro Carbone
Exec, People
Kate Knox Headshot
Kate Knox
Exec, Technology
Frank Kull Headshot
Frank Kull
VP, Supply Chain
Aafaque Hussain Headshot
Aafaque Hussain
Senior Salesforce Administrator
Aditi Kimtee Headshot
Aditi Kimtee
Proposal Operations Associate
Agustin Gutierrez Scussel Headsot
Agustin Gutierrez Scussel
Senior Java Engineer
Alayna Nieman Headshot
Alayna Nieman
Associate, Partner Management
Alok Hampe Headshot
Alok Hampe
Proposal Operations Associate
Amit Kathar Headshot
Amit Kathar
Proposal Operations Associate
Amruta Jadhav Headshot
Amruta Jadhav
Operations Analyst
Andrew Robertson Headshot
Andrew Robertson
Sales Executive
Angelo Del Mundo Headshot
Angelo Del Mundo
Senior Product Manager
Ankita Srivastava Headshot
Ankita Srivastava
Archana Limaye Headshot
Archana Limaye
Legal Analyst
Ashley Sutton Headshot
Ashley Sutton
Account Executive
Bert Brown Headshot
Bert Brown
Sales Executive
Bill Masters Headshot
Bill Masters
Technical Product Manager
Brett Abraham Headshot
Brett Abraham
Bridget Keeler Headshot
Bridget Keeler
Manager, Strategic Projects
Chester Hitz Headshot
Chester Hitz
Data Analysis Manager
Christine Burrows Headshot
Christine Burrows
Sales Executive
Dallas Gamble Headshot
Dallas Gamble
Account Executive
Dan Edwards Headshot
Dan Edwards
Senior Program Manager
Dan Pfeiffer Headshot
Dan Pfeiffer
Technical Solutions Engineer
Dani Ossenfort Headshot
Dani Ossenfort
Sr. Associate Program Manager
Daryl Lim Headshot
Daryl Lim
Product Manager
Dylan Faust Headshot
Dylan Faust
Sales Solutions Associate
Edward Spall Headshot
Edward Spall
Sales Executive
Elizabeth Irby Headshot
Elizabeth Irby
Director, Financial Operations
Elizabeth Lai Headshot
Elizabeth Lai
Director, Strategic Projects
Ellie Crowley Headshot
Ellie Crowley
Director, Sales Strategy
Evan Sabogal Headshot
Evan Sabogal
Technical Manager
Evan Scott Headshot
Evan Scott
Manager, Energy Engineering
Gabriel Tursi Headshot
Gabriel Tursi
Senior Developer
Gaurav Loya Headshot
Gaurav Loya
Finance Associate
Greg Bair Headshot
Greg Bair
Senior Program Manager
Jarrod Juanitas Headshot
Jarrod Juanitas
Energy Operations Associate
Javed Inamdar Headshot
Javed Inamdar
Account Analyst
Jimmy Rogers Headshot
Jimmy Rogers
Marketing Lead
Joe Bell Headshot
Joe Bell
Manager, Business Operations
Juan Cruz Pascale Headshot
Juan Cruz Pascale
Systems Engineer
 Juan Martin Rios Headshot
Juan Martin Rios
Software Developer
Julia Berg Headshot
Julia Berg
Partnerships Executive
Kathy Au Yeung Headshot
Kathy Au Yeung
People Business Partner
Kelly Lo Headshot
Kelly Lo
Senior Director, Procurement
Laura Knight Headshot
Laura Knight
Senior Program Manager
Lee Tolbert Headshot
Lee Tolbert
Sr. Director, Procurement
Lynn Lybeck Headshot
Lynn Lybeck
Senior Firmware Engineer
Madeline Darst Headshot
Madeline Darst
Director of Program Management
Manisha Chawla Headshot
Manisha Chawla
Operations Analyst
Manish Gupta Headshot
Manish Gupta
Proposal Operations Sr. Associate
Marc Pernia Headshot
Marc Pernia
Director, Engineering
Mariano Gimenez Headshot
Mariano Gimenez
Dev Ops Engineer
Mark Macomber Headshot
Mark Macomber 
Sales Executive
Mary Falcon Headshot
Mary Falcon
Maintenance Operations Associate
Max Dworkin Headshot
Max Dworkin
Sales Executive
Mayank Dubey Headshot
Mayank Dubey
Energy Engineer
Megan Geraty Headshot
Megan Geraty
Energy Operations Analyst
Megha Nayak Headshot
Megha Nayak
Operations Associate
Michael Bevers Headshot
Michael Bevers
Manager, Lighting Solutions
Michael Sowers Headshot
Michael Sowers
Sr. Accountant, FP&A
Mohit Shukla Headshot
Mohit Shukla
Operations Analyst
Naushad Amlani Headshot
Naushad Amlani
Product Manager
Nhan Nguyen Headshot
Nhan Nguyen
Sr. Field Engineer
Nik Pernia Headshot
Nik Pernia
Project Manager
Nikita Inamke Headshot
Nikita Inamke
Financial Operations Analyst
Pat Brady Headshot
Pat Brady
Director, Business Analytics
Peyton Harrod Headshot
Peyton Harrod
Meter Deployment Lead
Pratik Rathod Headshot
Pratik Rathod
Operations Analyst
Rachel Healy Headshot
Rachel Healy
Data Visualization
Read Wellman Headshot
Read Wellman
Sr. Manager, Financial Operations
Ritu Shah Headshot
Ritu Shah
Staff Accountant
Robert Kropkowski Headshot
Robert Kropkowski
Manager, Sales Solutions
Roy Avalos Headshot
Roy Avalos
Sr. Hardware Test Engineer
Ryan Nickel Headshot
Ryan Nickel
Sales Solutions Manager
Sandeep Deshpande Headshot
Sandeep Deshpande
General Manager
Sarah Hansen
Sarah Hansen
Project Manager
Smita Sinha Headshot
Smita Sinha
Automation Quality Assurance Engineer
Snehal Patil Headshot
Snehal Patil
Operations Analyst
Sofia Canova Headshot
Sofia Canova
Director, Business Operations
Terry Freeman Headshot
Terry Freeman
Sr. Manager, Partner Management
Tyler Coppinger
Sales Solutions Analyst
Varun Sawhney Headshot
Varun Sawhney
Director of Business Development, International Electron
Vikas Rana Headshot
Vikas Rana
Salesforce Developer
Walter Seals Headshot
Walter Seals
Senior Analyst, FP&A
Wendy Tan Headshot
Wendy Tan
Sr. Analyst Business Analytics
William Liang Headshot
William Liang
Field Engineer
Yubana Recinos
Quantitative Data Analyst

Brooke Mahoney
Front End Developer
Prateek Singla
Senior Associate

Interested in Joining the Team?

Our team is growing so we are always interested in getting to know bright, energetic people in the lighting, finance or efficiency space. If you think you fit the bill and are interested in joining our team, please send your resume and area of interest to